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Data drives the economy

Some businesses are aware of the power of their data. They use it as a drive to success. Others are running behind and are being dropped. 


Our mission is clear: To support you to use your data as a drive to success. 


About us

As the aView Group it is our mission to help you use your data as a drive to success. We look back on 25 years of experience in enterprise IT architecture and more than 200 successful projects. Through that we have proven process models.  


At the same time, we start every new project with a fresh mind. Every business is unique and follows their own processes and strategies. That’s why we use tried and tested but also newly developed models to do every project the justice it deserves. We are highly flexible and offer agile as well as waterfall project management.  


We focus on our customers with their individual needs and requirements. 

We are what we live for!


is our passion


We are not satisfied with the status-quo, but take joy in innovation. Finding creative Solutions and new ways in problem solving is our ambition. In all we do, we act sustainable and value driven.

We do

our best


We are competent and always eager to improve. For the success of our clients and of our company we strive for excellence. To achieve high goals motivates us.

We are

one big team


We know that we achieve more together rather than alone. Together we take on challenges and together we celebrate our victories.

We think and

act with efficienty


We only promise what we can keep and stand firmly to our customers side even beyond finishing the project. Most important to us is transparency and open communication.

We are trustworthy

and dependable


We only promise what we can keep and stand firmly to our customers side even beyond finishing the project. Most important to us is transparency and open communication.

We treat each other

fairly and with respect


Our colleagues are important to us. Therefore we are honest and open and by that we create a supportive and appreciate environment.

Ready for the next career move? We are happy to hear from you!

Our core solutions

BigData is promised to be the solution to all problems. But how efficiently do you use your data? We help transform your data into a drive to success. 


It’s based on: 

  • optimized IT architecture 

  • efficient use of tools 

  • high-quality migration of data 


Learn more about our core solutions:


IT Architecture

It is hard to retain the overview of complex IT architectures. But if you don’t have that, you can’t develop your IT any further successfully.  


How many interfaces does your ERP system have? 

What data is needed for what business process?

What kind of risks lie in your IT architecture?

What does that mean for your business? 


Sort out your IT architecture and become capable to act again! We help you to gain the overview and to plan future developments with a strong strategy. 


Choosing the right System

Which software do you need? With a huge variety of solutions on the market, it is hard to find the one that best suits your demands. A wrong decision can be costly and is only obvious in retrospective.  

We guide your selection process and support you with implementing the new system into your IT architecture. Profit from our long experience from countless projects.

Let us help you find the right system for you!


Migrate Data 

Migrating data from one system into another sounds easier than it is. What data do you need for the new system? 

Is the data quality sufficient to be used effectively? How do you deal with ‘dead’ data? 

Can you identify doublets? What rules are used to migrate data? 


A successful data migration needs strategic preparation. 

We offer a variety of solutions to master your challenges successfully and in a professional manner. These include: 


    Together we analyse the status quo of your data. We then provide you with reports and statistics to identify the hidden potential



    Make one out of two! We bring together sets of data according to structure, rules, formats and your goals



    We transfer your data from an old system into a new one. Structure, rules and formats are all taken into account. At the end of your process you have high data quality!

Do you face the challenge of migrating your data?

What challenge

do you face?

Do you know your challenge? 

In what area do you need our support? We love to talk about your situation and how we can face it together. 

Make an appointment today! 

Our mission is to support you to use your data as a drive to success. For that we offer council and hands on support.

We are happy to hear from you! 


aView Group GmbH

aView Group GmbH

Daimlerstraße 11

DE - 41564 Kaarst

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